I lied. You’ll have a link dump, but I’m still experiencing problems with my domain. You MUST type in www.hyperliterature.blogspot.com to get to this blog.

I’m a-workin’ on it.

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  1. Chris says:

    okay, is it just me, or, (after trying to get here all night) do you have to be able to go to http://www.hyperliterature.com in order to be told that link doesn’t work, go to the other link instead??

    …loooking for the secret door……

  2. Mark A. says:

    Sorry. I’m working on it…

  3. Anonymous says:

    I hate admitting that I am a moron, but if you have read anything that I have posted on this site…

    What does TARFU stand for?


  4. Mark A. says:

    SNAFU- Systems Normal All Fucked Up
    TARFU- Things Are Really Fucked Up
    FUBAR- Fucked Up Beyond All Repair/Recognition

    Use them to indicate the severity of a problem, starting with SNAFU.

    Kinda the same as ass-load, shit-load, and fuck-load to classify levels of quantity.

    Try finding that in any textbook.

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