Taking My Foot Out Of My Mouth: My Photoshopped Image

On Tuesday night in a fit of mania induced by a combination of Tylenol Cold, sleep deprivation, and chocolate milk, I unwisely declared that in three days I would post a ”˜shopped image that would prove me a better ”˜shopper than fellow blogger Anniina.

Just so you know, Anniina spent more than six years as a web designer, so photoshopping images is something she probably feels quite comfortable with. I, on the other hand, do well to remember how to resize images properly.

I’ve agonized all week on what to do. I briefly harbored the notion of admitting defeat, but I quickly rejected that as an option. Instead I decided to gather my courage, and do the best my meager skills would allow.

Before you click the link below let me preface my masterpiece. Instead of denying my suckiness at photo manipulation I decided the best thing to do would be to simply embrace my suckitude and work with it the best I could.

Keeping my ineptitude in mind, please enjoy “American Beauties.”

**Special thanks go out to my beautiful and patient wife for assisting me in the photography. As you can see, she puts up with a lot of my nonsense and she does so with a smile.

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One thought on “Taking My Foot Out Of My Mouth: My Photoshopped Image

  1. Mark – you hvae done it! It is brilliant 🙂 grats! had me in stitches! Kudos. -A

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