David Cornelius has written an article “Tales of Star Wars: How Return of the Jedi Changed My Life,” over at Hollywood Bitchslap. In one section he tells of how his grandma Estelle took him to see Return of the Jedi four times during the summer of ’83, and how he is reasonably sure that his grandmother had no idea what was going on in the movie. I remember seeing Return that summer too. My mother took me and my cousins, and I’d wager a considerable amount of money that my mother was just as lost as David’s grandmother.

For me, summer will always harken back to a time of matinee movies with my mom. Before I was sixteen, my mother took me to just about every movie I ever saw, and in the summer we went all the time. In 1985 we saw Back to the Future seven times in the theater, and I can tell you right now that mom still has no idea of what the hell the spacetime continuum is. But she took me seven times. Some days, depending on how busy the work was at the farm, we would see two matinee movies and then go with dad and see one at night. Those were really good days. (Coincidentally, we banned dad from going to the movies when he fell asleep in Back to the Future 2. Doc Brown was explaining how the time line had skewed off into a tangential universe, and dad decided that was a good time to snore so loud it sounded like his skull was caving in)

Because of schedules and such we don’t get to go to the movies as often we would like. But when I’m free and my fiance is free, there’s nothing better than catching a matinee. I’m just lucky I found someone that will put up with my movie-going-nerdiness like Leigh will (she shares it just as much as me, but she’ll claim she’s just not as nerdy). When you find someone who will sit and listen when you wax pseudo-intellectual about the Matrix or The Evil Dead trilogy, well that means that person is the love of your life and you hold onto them, because most people would just make fun of you.

And I can’t wait until we have kids so that we can take them, too. I’ll even let’em skip school once or twice so they can taste the goodness of a matinee caught on the sly.

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2 thoughts on “Summertime

  1. leigh

    our nerdy kids won’t be missing school because they will want to have perfect attendance…but, during the summer matinees are fair game…love you

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