Stone Age

Leigh and I are in Waco visiting my parents, which forces me to use their slow-as-molasses Internet connection. They have Starband satellite internet, but don’t let the coolness factor of the satellite fool you…I could just as quickly walk to the Blogger offices, where ever they’re located, and hand the receptionist a hard copy of my post than wait for this stupid satellite to publish my post. I imagine Leia must’ve felt similar when the Millennium Falcon wouldn’t start on Hoth. All this cool technology and it just sits here? Maybe I should get out and push.

Anyway, don’t expect any cool images or anything like that this weekend. I’d probably have to run a pole directly in the computer’s flux capacitor to achieve the 1.21 gigawatts of energy needed to transfer anything more complex than text.

Here’s a story from Slate that discusses the distraction of WiFi in college classrooms. The author suggests that many of the students who use the internet as a respite from a boring professor may actually achieve higher grades because they have the ability to multi-task.

I wouldn’t know. This damn connection would freak out if I tried to multi-task. I end up playing Pac-Man on my cell phone waiting for pages to load.

Hey…I guess that means I am multi-tasking. Thanks Starband for making me smarter!

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