So Long, And Thanks For All The Laughs

I’m in the midst of finishing up grades for the end of the semester, so don’t expect an awful lot of bloggery this week.

I just saw that John Bolton has announced he will step down as U.N. Ambassador. What a sad day. I hope he’s not so devastated that his diabetes start acting up.


You didn’t need a crystal ball to see this one coming, did you? Bolton acting as a U.N. Ambassador made about as much sense as Michael Jackson opening a daycare.

Hopefully the next guy won’t have a 1970’s era porn-stache. It’s hard to respect someone when it looks as if they have a lemur living on their upper lip.

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One thought on “So Long, And Thanks For All The Laughs

  1. Porn-stache! Heehee! Lemur! Lip! Wahahah! Thanks for tasty giggles šŸ™‚

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