Sad Day For Comedy

Richard Pryor died today in his home at age 65. He had been suffering from MS for quite some time, so while this news isn’t unexpected, it’s still really sad.

So many stand-up comedians try to duplicate Pryor’s humor and his stage presence but I don’t know if any of them ever succeed. I take that back, I do know”¦they don’t. Pryor killed on stage every time he went on because he had the courage to allow his audience to see a little piece of his heart, and for some reason all most people know about his material was that he cursed a lot.

Yes, Pryor’s comedy was brutal and hilarious, but I find Pryor’s sense of hope and his willingness to bare his soul to a group of complete strangers amazing. No other comedian possess the capability or the raw emotion to reduce me to a fit of laughter, and then follow that up with something so heart-wrenching tears flow whether I want them to or not.

Go buy Richard Pryor”¦And It’s Deep Too! The Complete Warner Bros. Recordings. You can thank me later.

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