Retraction Prompted By Superior Nerdiness

In my post about the new Star Wars movie I mistakenly stated that David Prowse was the actor which appears in Force-ghost form at the end of Jedi. Fellow blogger Womo brought the mistake to my attention:

“Although David Prowse did play Vader in Star Wars, Empire, and Jedi, but when Luke takes daddy’s mask off in Jedi, it’s not Prowse but Sebastian Shaw that we see. Shaw also appeared as a Force-ghost with Yoda and Obi-Wan. So it was Shaw not Prowse who got replaced by Christensen in the DVD. (Lucas also made Shaw’s brown eyes blue for the DVD so they’d match Hayden’s peepers.)

Now tell me, why is it that no one is willing to play the Star Wars Trivial Pursuit game with me?”

Dammit. As much as I hate being schooled like that, I feel humbled instead of humiliated because I know for a fact that Womo is a Star Wars superfan. How do I know this? Because, he was (and hopefully still is) the proud owner of a one-of-a-kind Star Wars calendar.

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