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Instead of working on fixing my DNS problem today we went toobing down the Guadalupe river. Sorry ”˜bout that.

We took this picture from the top of a hill overlooking the Guadalupe. If you’ve never been toobing before then you’ve been deprived as a human being. You rent an inner tube for yourself, preferably one with a bottom so your ass doesn’t hit rocks, and then you rent another one for your cooler which contains snacks and ice cold beer. And here comes the good part: you float for several hours doing nothing but snacking and soaking up the Texas sun.

Do not confuse toobing with rafting. They only share one similarity: water. I’m told that rafting may at times become dangerous. Apparently while rafting you fight with turbulent water and maneuver around treacherous rocks. While toobing you sit in a tube and float. Sometimes an hour or so passes and you might only have moved several feet. Toobing is pretty safe, unless of course you get so drunk and sunburned you roll off your tube and drown.

I would post pictures from on the river, but we didn’t take the digital camera, so you’ll have to wait until I get the ones from the water camera developed.

Heh. Developing pictures”¦isn’t that silly?

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