Potter Here I Come

I just finished reading Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child’s new book “Dance of Death.” I feel I should warn you by saying that you shouldn’t start this book if you haven’t read their last novel “Brimstone.” Well, come to think of it, you may want to check out “Ice Limit,” “Relic,” Reliquary,” “Thunderhead,” “Cabinet of Curiosities,” and “Still Life Of Crows” before reading “Dance of Death.” You could also check out “Mount Dragon” too, but that one is purely optional.

Rarely are books so self-referential, and I’m not sure if I like all the references in these books or not. On one hand, it’s kind of neat to know that I’m getting all these obscure references that are sprinkled quite liberally throughout the novel. But on the other hand, I don’t really like having to go and re-read a bunch of stuff just to help me remember the backstory of one character. I’m sure it must be infuriating for a new reader.

Now I move onto the new Harry Potter book. I’m so excited. I hear someone dies in this one! (Don’t tell me if you already know!) Boy I sure hope it’s Harry. All he did was whine in the last book.

Post Script: Yes I know I’m a bad blogger. I realize I didn’t hyperlink all of those book titles above to Amazon. It’s late, and I just didn’t feel like doing it. So thpppppppppppth! Cut and paste’em into Amazon if you want to buy’em.

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