On The Road Again

This post will be short, because I’m tired and if I look at this computer much longer I may very well go insane. I had to replace the motherboard, processor, and case of my computer. In other words, I had to completely rebuild the damn thing, all the while making sure I didn’t lose any of my information. Fun Stuff. Here’s a couple of funny videos to tide you over until tomorrow, when I’ll post properly.

Click here to watch an interview with Dick Cheney. Why’s that funny, you may ask? Well, because, midway through the interview some guy starts yelling at Cheney “Mr. Cheney”¦go fuck yourself!” Cheney’s reaction is pretty funny. He’s trying his level best not to laugh.

Commercial radio irritates me for many reasons (GO XM GO), least of which are the DJ’s who are usually really terrible. Click here to listen as Aries Spears threatens to beat a couple of Miami DJ’s into the dirt. Aries, who is a standup comedian and has been a regular cast member of MadTv for many years, was on their show promoting his local standup gig. After he left the studio the DJ’s started bad-mouthing him by saying he wasn’t funny on-air and was an all-around bad guest. Oddly enough, Aries was listening as he was driving away from the studio. He turned around, and you’ll hear the fun as he scares the hell out of the goofy DJ’s.

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