Music to Drive To and My Testimonial for XM

I can’t remember where I saw this, but a while back I read an article that listed the top, well I don’t remember, the top however many songs you should never listen to while driving. Number one on that list was Ride of the Valkyries. Supposedly it will make you drive more aggressively.

Well, today while listening to XM, I heard a remix of the theme to Peter Gunn. I felt like I was driving a coupe in the ’40’s. I began weaving in and out of traffic. I pulled my fedora down low and checked my review mirror. The bag guys were right behind me trying to thwart my attempts to save the world. I could almost hear the bullets whizzing by my window.

When the song ended so did my cool, noir-ish fantasy. Ah well.

I always forget how cool that song is. Obviously Henry Mancini’s score is a classic. The Art of did version that will really get your imagination pumping. There is also a version by Sarah Vaughn that has words. (Scroll down the page and Amazon has a sample you can listen to) Not nearly as irritating as you’d think, and its getting a remix this year (It was the remixed techno-y version I heard).

I heard this song on my XM radio. If you don’t have XM and you spend more than thirty to forty minutes in your car a day, you should really look into getting it. Over 100 channels. No commercials on any of the music channels. I guarantee you’ll never want to listen to another terrestrial station after listening to XM for a few days.

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