I’m worried about my attention span. I think it might be too short. Tell me what you think:

No matter what I’m watching on T.V. I make sure that the last channel I looked at was the Food Network, and if I get bored Imy life switch back to see what’s cooking. I’ve also gotten into the habit of lying on the couch with the laptop on my lap when I watch T.V. That way I can look at all my sites, tag interesting things for the link dump, and watch T.V. at the same time. Sometimes I keep my cell phone next to me and play “Zelda” during the times I’m not surfing the net or watching T.V.

Maybe I’m just addicted to the internet. I had to download the Opera Mobile application to my cell phone so I could check my email, Digg, and CNN no matter where I’m at. It could be worse, I suppose. At least my addiction keeps me abreast of current events and not face down in the bathroom of a skeevy bar with a needle broke off in my arm. I could be saying “Hello, my name’s Mark” to a group of forlorn faces instead of saying “Shit, Good Eats is on”¦dammit, where’s the remote?”

Is my glass half full? I dunno. I’ll check after “Tyler’s Ultimate” ends, and after I check my statcounter, and after I defeat the second castle in Hyrule, and after I make some small updates to the blog, and after I check my loaf of bread in the oven, and after I finish reading “Nextwave,” and after”¦

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