Memories of My Youth

This is a little video of some guys jumping a Chevette. It’s a really funny video, and it brings back some memories.

I had a friend that had a car just like that (well, it didn’t have the rebel flag on the top nor the number 01 on the door). He ended up buying two more of the same model for parts so he could keep the original running. I’ve seen a Chevette jump like that, and let me tell you it’s even funnier in person.

I used to hitch a ride to school with the guy that owned the car. One morning we decided to see just how fast we could get the Chevette to go. Included on our route to school was a massive hill, and we knew that the Chevette would need some help reaching speeds greater than 55. When we got to the hill Randy “dropped the hammer” and away we went. We were delighted when the car topped eighty. Unfortunately, the baling wire that held the hood shut (the latch and been broke since he bought the car) was not designed to withstand such speeds, and it broke. The hood flew up and hit so hard it knocked the rearview mirror off the windshield. We later found out the hood had bent at the top of the car flattening itself to the roof, so that when the hood was shut it looked like this: _____|

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