Live Free Or Die Bold

I’m sure you all know where I stand on the election tomorrow. I actually agree with much of the rhetoric of conservatism, but the current administration is anything but conservative. It’s not that I think that the war in Iraq was executed with monolithic incompetence (I do), but more that the current batch of Republicans view our country in ways that are not only divisive, but dangerous.

Use the “politics” tag at the end of this post to review some of my commentary on this subject, because I’m not going to rehash it all. Remember””don’t vote a particular way because news organizations have repeatedly scared the shit out of you. Use the internet, do some research, think it over, and make an informed choice. You can find your polling location here.

Incidentally, I do want you to watch the video below. It’s the HBO documentary “Hacking Democracy,” and it analyzes the possibility of hackery involved in electronic voting.

Look, I’m not a conspiracy theorist by any stretch of the imagination, and in fact, I view most conspiracy theorists with the same level of contempt I usually reserve for knuckle-dragging proponents of creationism and intelligent design. BUT, as a man with his head firmly up the ass of technology, I can say with unabashed certainty that any electronic machine can be hacked with enough elbow grease, and any machine coded using OOP or procedural based programming can be hacked within a matter of minutes. Couple this with the fact that the owners and creators of Diebold, the illustrious Urosevich bothers, have a history of seedy and nefarious business practices, and you have the recipe for democratic disaster.

Too many independent organizations and intelligent individuals have reported finding irregularities in the results of practice-run elections for me to ignore this. So watch the screens when you vote. If you see any irregularities, DO NOT finalize your session and immediately get the help of a proctor. Obviously, you should only seek assistance after you’ve taken a quick cell phone photo of the voting screen (you mail that to me later in the day).

This isn’t a partisan issue. Well, right now it is, but when the Democrats, or whoever, regains power this issue will still be important. Even in a fake democracy we should at least be ignorant of the ways in which we are being fucked. Either they need to get sneakier, or they need to stick by the rules. One of the two.

Now, do your homework and prepare to vote on the morrow.

Just don’t forget, if you vote democrat, the terrorists will immediately break into your home, rape your wife, crush the head of your dog underneath the heel of their boot, and kill you. Conversely, if you vote republican the Bush regime will slowly erode our liberties and move us toward a totalitarian regime, and before you know it we’ll be stuck in a dystopian society that would make Orwell weep.

Sleep tight.

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4 thoughts on “Live Free Or Die Bold

  1. Flood

    I hate it when you write posts like this. Most of it is fine and then you have finish it off with a smart ass comment that says vote republican and you are a fucking moron. You make comments like that and I feel like I have to reply.

    So here it goes:
    Democrats scare me when they deal with terrorism, the economy, federal judges. I don’t know if they have a clue. Criticism while warranted is not a plan or leadership, this is not the worst economy since Hoover (ie Carter administration), smaller, limited government protects individual rights. They Dem party as a have let their hatred of GWB cloud the judgment to the detriment of their party and the country.

    The Republicans can drive me crazy, but less so than the Dems.

    maybe now there is a little balance to your inane insult.

    Vote you conscience. I think the beauty of our system is that we easily survive mistakes (at least so far), and there is a certain wisdom in crowds. What else is a democracy. Whatever happens tomorrow it is not the end. Change is only 2 years away

  2. For what it’s worth, I didn’t mean for that last part to be quite as condescending or insulting as it came off. I was more taking a swipe at political tactics and the sophistic strategies of pundits.

    So for all you who are coming to this late Flood caught me being unnecessarily nasty, and quite possibly unreliably partisan. While I have no problem stating my beliefs I try my best to make sure I’m intelligent and not relying on partisan hackery, to borrow a term from Stewart, to inform my writing.

    So I fixed it. 👿

  3. Flood

    Jon Stewart?

  4. Yeah. From the Crossfire debacle.

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