When I find a site or a particular story I think is interesting I bookmark it and try to remember to post it. Sometimes I forget about it and my Bookmark page gets all cluttered up. This is a leftover post (yeah it’s also called phoning it in):

I’m Connor McLeod from the Clan Mcleod, and there can be only one.

Wow, this one’s a little late. Funny April Fools Pranks.

A neat site that analyzes movie posters as if they were works of art (And who says they aren’t?) The post discussing the poster for Silence of the Lambs is particularly interesting.

When I was enrolled at a technical college majoring in computer programming, we used to joke that geeks were the guys nerds made fun of (we considered ourselves nerds). I think this list should be applied to nerds and not geeks.
Funny aside on the nerd thing: During my time at the technical school I would go to lunch with three other friends. Most days we had time to actually sit down at a restaraunt and eat, but one particular day we were a bit rushed and decided to pick up and eat in the car. When we got to the window to pay the girl at the window told the driver the total. The price ended in 69 and she thought that was a bit funny, and was chuckling as she told us the price. The driver, thinking the cashier was laughing at us, got extremely offended and very rudely asked her “What the hell is your problem? Haven’t you ever seen nerds before?” We never allowed him to order again.

And finally, who wouldn’t want to own Maphy the Hermaphroditic doll?

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