Leftovers Bring A Welcome Respite From All the Hatred

After looking over my past few posts, I believe I may have hit an all-time high level of negativity on this blog. Well, no more. I’m cleaning out my bookmarks again, and here are the offerings:

I’ve always wanted to get a tattoo, but I could never decide what to get. I was never able to commit to any design, and I always thought that decisiveness was probably a good thing considering a tat would adorn my skin for life. I almost got the Japanese saying that graces the side of this blog, but I never did. I found this site where people post pictures of tattoos that have been written in Chinese. The author of the blog then translates what the people actually have printed on their bodies and juxtaposes the correct translation to what they were told their tattoo meant. One tough lookin’ guy apparently didn’t know he got “air conditioner” tattooed on his side.

James Dobson has been making headlines in the blogosphere lately with his criteria for determining whether or not your child will grow up and become gay. Personally, I think old James is off his rocker. For example, number four on his list states that you should worry if your son displays “A strong preference to spend time in the company of girls and participate in their games and other pastimes.” That’s just absurd. Perhaps your son is maturing into what grown-up men like to call “a smooth playa” and is merely assessing the best way to seduce each of his playmates.

This guy has come up with a list that I’m sure is a lot more accurate than Dobson’s. For example, Dobson never explained that gay people are filled with gaymotrons, which are in essence, gay particles. Apparently these particles are extremely buoyant, so if you’re son floats he’s probably gay. See, the internet is good for something other than porn!

I’ve had this one in my bookmarks for a really long time, but I still think it’s incredibly funny. Larry David’s blog entry titled “The Roving Thoughts of A Liberal Insomniac .” The article is Larry’s thoughts as he tries unsuccessfully to go to sleep. Here’s a sample:

If he keeps us all up [Larry’s talking about Karl Rove at this point], we’ll be too tired to fight them. That’s their strategy, and you’re playing right into their hands. We have to start keeping them up. But how? The only things that bothers them enough to keep them up are fetuses. They love that fetus. The fetus and Jesus. Sounds like a comedy team. “Ladies and gentlemen, give a warm welcome to Fetus and Jesus”¦”

As bad as the situation is in Iraq, I’m glad our boys have time to do something fun. The choreography of that video is actually quite amazing.

I didn’t go to my senior prom, but if I had I would have gone attired like the gentleman in this video. That guy’s got mad skillz.

This video may reveal the reason why it is taking us so long to train the Iraqi people to maintain their own military. (warning- the f-word is used exactly once in this video)

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