Leftovers Again

Blogger hasn’t been working worth a damn the past couple of days, so I have a quite a few leftovers to dish out. Let’s get started with some Star Wars stuff and proceed from there:

I guess these idiots don’t know that lightsabers emit a plasma blade via a crystal, and not via gasoline.

“Art of the Saber”
is a fan-made short film of two guys engaged in a lightsaber battle. Before you scoff, know that the fight rivals anything in Lucas’ films. Be warned: I have a cable connection to the net and it still took me a couple of mintues to get the video. It’s worth the wait though.

If the Force is a tool of Satan, why does Jesus look like he’s about to make out with the Death Star?

Well, I guess we’ll just have to rely on the flux capacitor, since the wormhole is out.

While we’re on the subject of Jesus, I think the fad diet craze has finally found religion.

“Hippo-sized X-Ray Machine” is very funny to me.

NASA helps in the discovery of heretofore unknown plays by Sophocles and Euripides. Also of significance is another manuscript of the Gospel of Thomas, which most theological scholars agree predates Mark’s Gospel.

An extremely well put together site dealing with classical rhetoric. The site also examines the ways classical rhetoric is used in modern society.

Locus has posted this years awards finalists. (It’s a sci/fi thing)

The classic vampire movie Nosferatu has been digitized and is available for download at no charge.

It’s a pity we are kept out of the loop of how the world views us. That’s the International Edition of Newsweek by the way. That article was published everywhere but in the U.S.

Last and most certainly least: My religion is better than your religion! I breathed a sigh of relief when I read that was in North Carolina…I just knew it was somewhere in Texas.

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