Karma Comes Callin’ For The Big O

When I worked at a bookstore several years ago (ok, ten’s more than several”¦let me continue please) I took great pride in recommending and hand-selling books. I made sure I read the majority of the best-sellers so I could give our customers an honest evaluation of them. I felt I had purpose, and customers needed and valued my opinions.

Then Oprah started that damn book club and all anyone ever wanted to talk about was Oprah’s Book Club book. No one cared what the lowly book-stooge was reading. Oprah was the end-all-be all in book selection and I was merely there to do the job of a monkey (push buttons on the cash register).

I found that Oprah’s book club members were much like the typical Stephen King reader: they bought the book, read the first 100 pages, placed it by their bed and only picked it up to clean around it. After they placed the book down for good any and all opinions they formulated were based on either the movie version or hearsay. And yes, I consider Oprah’s opinion “hearsay.”

Ten years later and I finally have my revenge on that woman. She finally led her flock astray with James Frey’s book “A Million Little Pieces” and I couldn’t be happier. I find the notion of Oprah “revoking” her book club seal like it’s a Grammy and James is actually Milli (or Vanilli, either one) rather comical.

See what happens when you steal a young man’s purpose in life Oprah? I guess she doesn’t watch Carson Daly because karma finally caught up with her.


Let me elaborate on that Stephen King statement before I get loads of hate mail. I like portions of his work, but from my experience most of the folks who buy his books never finish them. Here, try this: Ask a typical Stephen King fan if they like “IT.” They’ll say yes. Then ask them to share their favorite part of the book. Most likely they’ll mention something which appeared in the movie. If they do, ask them what they thought of the scene where Bev decides to have sex with Eddie, Mike, Richie, Stan, Ben, and Bill. I’m betting you’ll probably receive a look of disgust before you receive an actual acknowledgement of that scene which only appears in the book.

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