In That Moment, Between Now And Then

I’m not a big believer in the importance of interpreting dreams. I don’t lend any credence or significance to them, and I think dream interpretation books are on par with fortune cookies and magic 8-balls.

That said, I do have pretty cool dreams (Don’t worry, I won’t describe any of them. I always feel like a total d-bag whenever I try to describe a dream, so I usually just don’t talk about them) I also have some pretty scary dreams. I regularly scream myself awake. I also occasionally wake myself up crying. One night, I thought I was fighting a midget. In my dream I was kneeing him in the head. I woke up holding Leigh by the shoulders, kneeing her in the back. Needless to say, she was not at all happy with me.

The other night I woke up suddenly, and in my mind I was repeating the phrase, “In that moment, between now and then.” I was just repeating that over and over in my head: “In that moment, between now and then.” I thought it sounded cool, so I quickly grabbed a pen off my nightstand and wrote it in the front cover of the Steven Pinker book I’m in the middle of reading.

So tonight, out of curiosity, I googled that phrase. And oddly enough, I got one hit. That phrase was also written by the author Kanaan, and the line of text is in a book of erotic poetry titled “Delicate Torture.” Here’s the poem that contains the line.

I’ve never read that book, nor heard of the author, so I know I didn’t unconsciously memorize that line. And I’m not a statistician, but taking into account the number of ways to construct a phrase and the number of words in the English language, and the odds of two people coming up with that exact line must be astronomical.

I have no ending for this, other than to say I was totally disappointed that I think the same way as an erotic poet.

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2 thoughts on “In That Moment, Between Now And Then

  1. Tank

    Perhaps Leigh is less disappointed than you think like an erotic poet?

  2. But it’s not even a good erotic poet. Puleez.

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