I Wanna Get Off On A Rant Here

On Nov. 8th Texas citizens will be asked to vote on Prop. 2, which if passed would add a constitutional amendment declaring that marriage in Texas consists of a union between a man and a woman, and would deny homosexuals the right to marry or enter into a civil union.

First off, the homophobes here in Texas already have a law on the books which fulfills this requirement and denies homosexuals the right to marry, so the amendment is redundant in its very conception.

Secondly, why the hell are we still bothering with this crap? Here’s my argument: Marriage is a religious act, and not one that the government should have anything to do with in the first place. I think that everyone would agree that we really don’t want the government to begin enacting and legislating laws that would uphold the “sanctity” of marriage. No one wants adultery punishable by law, or for the government to force wives to fulfill hourly requirements in the home performing matronly duties. Basically, all we need the government to do is to recognize a civil union between a couple; an incorporation if you will. Two entities come together and incorporate, and the government should have no interest in the “moral integrity” of that incorporation. I mean, other than gay marriage the government doesn’t give a shit about moral integrity now. It’s not illegal to let your friends have sex with your wife; it’s not illegal to emotionally manipulate your children; it’s not against the law to hide a boyfriend from your husband; you can get divorced as many times as you want and as long as you fill out the proper forms the government doesn’t give a damn. What business does the government have deciding who you decide to incorporate with? I say, as long as you pay your taxes, none.

After the couple gets their union license from the state, then they could go to whatever exclusionary religious institution they wish and get “married.” Religious institutions could still instruct their parishioners in morality and the state could collect more tax money. Everybody wins.

Way back when Dennis Miller was still funny he put out a CD which had 15 of the best Rants taken from his HBO show. Although this quotation is from the end of his rant of racism, I think it’s fairly applicable here:

“Because the main thing I want you to remember is this: if you think racism goes away once we’re all one big happy color with all the infidels weeded out, well I got news for you, you’re missing it big time. Don’t you see? First you kill off all the other races, then you start killing off all the other religions. Then, you start killing off the left-handed people, then you start killing off each other over the lengths of your crew-cuts. Then finally, finally, there’s only one guy left”¦and no doubt that crazy motherfucker will attack the mirror.”

If you’re one of those who seems to think that marriage is a clearly defined institution, then I invite you to head on over to Wikipedia and take a look at a very brief history of marriage. Unless we’re officially a Christian state, then the definition of marriage is unstable at best. The government has no business granting or denying the right of a poorly defined and amorphous institution.

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