I’m gonna use this post to get rid of some odds and ends that have been cluttering up my head (there’s not that much room up there to begin with).

First off, I’ve made some additions to the blogroll on the left sidebar, and I’ve also added some banners to the rotation. Those stupid banners take me an insane amount of time to make, mostly because I stink on ice at Photoshop, so you better like’em, dammit.

When I hear people pronounce “pecan” pee-can, I have to fight the urge to kick them right in the crotch. It’s puh-kahn. Any other pronunciation is wildly incorrect and deserving of ridicule and/or physical violence.

If you find yourself anywhere near Sisterdale, Texas, make sure you find time to stop off at “Sister Creek Vineyard.” Not only do they have the best damn Muscat Canelli I’ve ever tasted, the good folks behind the counter will make sure you have an unforgettable wine tasting.

I’ve probably watched the teaser trailer for “Hellboy II: The Golden Army” damn near twenty times. It looks like Mignola’s B.P.R.D. mythology combined with del Toro’s Spanish mythology with a little Elric of Melnibone thrown in for good measure. I can’t wait for July 11th.

Would Hillary Clinton please just do the right thing and concede? No? Fucking typical. And why do so many people fall for Huckabee’s stupid smile and folksy attitude? He’s a complete wing-nut and he gets a free pass? Unbelievable. Personally, I place all the blame for his success right on the heads of Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and Conan O’Brien.


It constantly amazes me how generally apathetic my students feel about the presidential race. Any time I try to begin a conversation about the race or the candidates, most of my students not only know jack shit about what’s going on, they almost seem proud of the fact. I have to constantly try to remember what I was concerned about at eighteen. I’m also constantly amazed at how many seemingly intelligent adults simply let media outlets and email forwards determine how they feel about the candidates. Obama is neither a terrorist sleeper-agent nor a Muslim, and McCain doesn’t want to become a democrat. I just can’t believe that in the internet age, when anyone with a computer and an internet connection can fact-check all day long, that people are still conned by absolute bullshit.

Truth and repose, people. Truth and repose.

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