No bloggery tonight.

Somehow 83 imps snuck into my skull via my ears and decided to throw an imp-party. They’re beating on drums, jumping up and down, holding chugging contests, and generally doing impish type things very loudly and with great abandon. I’ve tried pushing an icepick through my eyeball in hopes of stabbing a few of them, but they move pretty fast. I’m gonna go lie down, because I think they’ve started wrestling one another WWE style.

Or, I could just have a massive headache. At this point I’m unsure.

Check back at 4:00 CST for your link dump. It’s a biggie.

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  1. […] Thursday afternoon I fell asleep on the couch while watching “Easy Entertaining with Michael Chiarello,” and 200 little imps snuck under the doorstop and burrowed into my head, via my nose and ears. I know, I know, if my pentacle had been hanging over the door this wouldn’t have happened. You’d think after last time I would’ve learned my lesson. […]

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