Emotions are powerful things. Rage mixed with fear mixed with terror have the capability to render a person speechless. Other times, the emotional whirlwind going on inside the soul causes an explosion of emotion. Yelling. Crying.

Sometimes this outpouring needs to be directed back to it’s source. Sometimes the source needs to understand all the things it has caused and continues to cause.

You’d think this would be cathartic, but sometimes this isn’t enough. Even after the explosion you feel empty. The rage has left, no more fear remains, but instead of leaving a sense of calm their absence brings with it…nothing. Just sore stomach muscles from violent sobs and irritated eyes from the tears.

The only thing you have is the person closest to you to turn for comfort. They may not bring you a sense of calm, but at least you know they’ll never leave you. And right at that moment loneliness becomes a void of despair and depression that tries to pull you in and never let go. At that moment you need an avatar of hope, because your hope has abandoned you.

I thank God I have my avatar.

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One thought on “Emotion

  1. Anonymous

    All we can do is hope, and try to keep our emotions checked.

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