Dogs and Cats, Living Together…MASS HYSTERIA!!!

Rupert Murdoch says that McCain is unelectable, and he damn-near endorses Obama.

Scott McLellan, the former White House propaganda-spouting-puppet; press secretary, writes a tell-all book, detailing the incompetence and the duplicity of his former boss.

“Journalists” are coming forward left and right, admitting that they were basically strong-armed into lobbing the administration softballs in the run-up to, and the aftermath of, the Iraq war.

Sydney Pollack and Harvey Korman both die, and yet Eddie Murphy is yet again allowed to make another “Beverly Hills Cop” movie–with Brett Ratner directing, no less.

It feels like we’re living a Groundhog Day version of Opposite Day. If Hillary Clinton goes and announces that she’s pulling out of the race without an extended court battle or a duel at dawn then I’ll be totally convinced that ‘ole Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow.

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One thought on “Dogs and Cats, Living Together…MASS HYSTERIA!!!

  1. Tank

    I hope the duel happens. Because you know Jay-Z will be Obama’s second.

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