Digital Manipulation

A story on claims Vanity Fair lightened Beyonce’s skin on a recent cover of the magazine. Of course Beyonce’s representatives deny this, but regardless if digital manipulation occurred on the particular case in question or not, retouching photos has become so common place that I don’t trust any image I see anymore.

If you go here you’ll find the portfolio of photographer and master image manipulator Glenn Feron. If you click on a photograph you’ll see the image after digital retouching, and then if you run your mouse over the top of the image you’ll see the before. Some are quite dramatic. Like this one of Halle Berry. Her foot isn’t even in the same place in the after photo.

This link will take you to the portfolio of Greg Apodaca. Not only does Greg possess the ability to render pre-op trannies visually appealing, like a wizard he has the power to create images from thin air. Note: Same as before, initial photo is the after and when you move your mouse over it the before appears. On Greg’s page each set contains multiple photos. Use the little arrow above each image to advance.

Guys who look at nothing but Playboy and Maxim need to spend several hours studying those web sites. But as much as I despise the illusions which magazines and the internet attempt to pass off as reality, I wish someone would do some retouching on Joan Rivers. Good lord, the woman is scarier than Michael Jackson.

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