Debbie Does Galilee

Boy, do I feel stupid. I tend to think of myself as a fairly well-informed guy, and then tonight I find out that last week at UTSA, the university where I attend grad school, a group of atheist students set up a booth where they were trading porn for Bibles. They called their little initiative “Smut for Smut.” Catchy, ain’t it?

This stupid story has been all over the internet and my RSS feeds, but I didn’t pay it any attention until tonight. The article on WOAI’s website says that “So far, only five students have exchanged their bibles for porn.”

My take on this? The “Smut for Smut” guys really need a better publicist. I go to that school and I didn’t hear anything about their little demonstration. Granted, I don’t spend a lot of free time just hanging around, but something like that should have come up in conversations. Also, only five people traded in Bibles for porn? Bad advertising is the only explanation for that. With the right advertising I’m sure in two hours they would have to start issuing rain-checks. I mean, look at that picture. That was taken in front of the HSS building, and there are always tons of people hanging around there. And judging by the looks of many of those folks I’m sure that if they had known porn was to be handed out there would have been a line snaking down the stairs and out past the bookstore.

I guess I should start watching the local news, because I also found out that last week some guy was shot in the parking lot of our apartment complex. I’m gonna haveta start wearing a bullet-proof vest just like my hero Fiddy.

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