Colbert, Latchkey Kids, And Axe Murderers

ColbertWell, Colbert did it again. Tonight he mentioned the “fact” that latchkey kids grow up to be crazy, and that you could find that information on wikipedia.

One quick search later and I found this (clicky enlarges the image; you might have to zoom):

Latchkey Kids kill people

Less than two minutes later the page had been locked, and as you can see from the current entry, it remains that way.

As you can see from my totally sweet screen-shot, not only does the Wikipedia entry say that latchkey kids grow up to be crazy, the Colbert fan took the initiative and added the “fact” that latchkey kids are quite likely to become axe murderers as well.

This kind of nonsense is going to be the death of Wikipedia.

Okay, that’s probably an exaggeration, but at the very least Colbert has effectively pointed out the instability of an encyclopedia which is subject to the whims of its users–especially when those users are so nerdily mischievous.

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  1. […] With Colbert’s Wikiality, that anyone can take the lead in the hive is true. But the hive is already there. The quick response to remove Colbert (though I don’t know that he was actually editing Wikipedia) or to shut down entries so that followers of the TV show couldn’t change the entries (read here) is proof enough that the hive has taken over. The anyone can edit mentality has already recognized that the collective has limits. It needs gatekeepers, PR people, Dick Cheneys, etc. in order to keep the hive powerful. […]

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