Changes here on the site and the completion of my EII paper.

Well, yeah. It’s pretty obvious, but let me say that I hate HTML. I really disliked the color and general layout of the template we were using before, but I hadn’t found a prefab-ed one that I liked better. So, I found one I disliked the least and began learning what little HTML I needed to fix it. I thought I had left the programming crap behind a loooong time ago.

Last month I had cited this story and noted my disgust. Well the people behind the web site, who are from San Antonio, will be appearing this week on my all-time favorite program The Daily Show. Samantha Bee will be interviewing them.

I also finished my paper on Jonathan Safran Foer’s Everything is Illuminated. I’m actually quite pleased with it, which is amazing since I’m usually pretty hypercritical of myself. Just ask me about my Shakespeare paper and you’ll see what self-lothe really looks like. I’ll reformat the paper in PDF and post in here. Maybe tonight. Depends on what’s on TV.

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