Back On Track

Let me ask you a question–what happens when you return from work after a three month hiatus and find yourself overwhelmed with obligations? That’s right, your mind turns to doo-doo and you quit blogging!

Regular blog post tonight. Expect broad generalizations, baseless assertions, disgusting rhetoric, atrociously bad language, and an in-depth analysis of the impact and the unintended consequences the regicide of King Charles I brought upon 17th century Britain, including but not limited to, commerce, literature, and social mores.

Okay, so the last thing’s complete bullshit, but expect everything else. Until then, here’s a bunny with a pancake on its head:

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3 thoughts on “Back On Track

  1. karen

    Damn, and I was really looking forward to the discussion of Charles I and his unfortunate demise.

  2. Flood

    Come on, what else are you going to do with a king. He sucked, got sacked, so what now? That’s right, you get to be shorter. Of course Oliver, although in some ways brilliant, had some issues. I guess that’s the problem with the English.

  3. Dang, and here I was rooting for your views on the execution of old Charles. Although English history before then is much much more interesting 🙂

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