Am I A Bad Person?

I find this very funny. I wonder if I’m going to hell?


I’d imagine that simply asking if I was going to hell is a pretty good indicator that I’m already headed in that direction. Well, at least the music down there will be good.

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  1. Flood says:

    You know that your goning to be listening to Barry Manilow, right?

  2. Flood says:

    Hey, make sure to fix my spelling error when you edit the remarks!

  3. Hypermark says:

    For the last time, I do not censor comments. Even if I did, I’d leave the ones that make the commenter look retarded.

  4. Flood says:

    I thought that you respected me more than that. I think that our relationship has suffered a terrible blow.

  5. Hypermark says:

    After all you’ve called me? You said I hated America! And I call you retarded and now our relationship is in trouble!?

  6. Flood says:

    I had a very valid reason to say that you hated America. I am sure I was correct in anything else that I might have (rightly) called you. And really, you never used to treat me this way!

  7. leigh says:

    get a room!!

  8. Flood says:

    But, you said that wasn’t allowed anymore!

  9. leigh says:

    just this once…

  10. Flood says:

    Cool, did Mark mention that he was coming to Memphis this weekend?

  11. leigh says:

    well, happy birthday to me then…

  12. Flood says:

    That was kinda the idea! I thought everybody would have a better time this way.

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