A Story About Privacy & ‘Roid Rage.

I’d read a little bit about John Gilmore before. (That link is a story on his current battle with Dept. of Homeland Security and Ashcroft. This a link to his homepage.) On one hand the guy sounds like an eccentric personality who has nothing else to do but cause a little trouble just because he can afford it. On the other hand I have to admit the number of people who ask for my drivers license, social security number, or birthdate has gotten completely out of hand. I special ordered a pair of sunglasses for my fiance from Sunglass Hut today, and the woman asked me for my birthdate. Why the hell did she need my birthdate? Did she think I was under the legal sunglasses age? And I’m completely ignoring how insane airline security has gotten. It’s past the point of ridiculousness and beyond the point of ridicule. You can only stand in awe.

I knew guys like this in high school. I’m not even gonna comment on how shallow our expectations are regarding high schoolers. (Yeah I am. The kids are embraced more readily for their athletic prowess than their intellectual achievements. Can’t read above a fifth grade level? That’s ok. Can you hit a guy hard enough he’ll piss himself? Congratulations, you’re a graduate!) The sad part is that these kids felt so physically inadequate and undervalued that they had to shoot up to compete. I never understood the mentality…even when friends of mine started doing it.

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