A Couple of Late Night Links

Still doing Milton research. I think I may hate him now. I’m not sure.

I find myself wandering on the web when I should be working. I haven’t started cooking pickles yet so that’s a good sign.

I found a site called The Literature Network. They have “over 300 full books and over 1000 short stories and poems by over 90 authors.” On-line works are kind of crap to read, but they are a God-send when it comes to research. The ability to do a word search alone makes it worth while.

The Online Etymology Dictionary is also kinda neat. This is a list of the sources that comprise their database.

The OED it’s not (although it is one of their sources) it’s still incredibly impressive. And it’s free. Always a big plus.

eBay never ceases to amaze. The person selling this car was described on one web site as using “skewed batman camera angles,” and while I agree they are as wacky as Batman and Robin are homoerotic, I prefer to think of them as something Michael Bay would have shot while on high on angel dust. But that’s just me.

Back to Milton…

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