McCain’s a Dumbass

jesusshowerFor the most part, I’m a fairly tolerant guy. It doesn’t bother me if you believe something kooky, or downright stupid, just as long as you do so with conviction and your belief doesn’t infringe on any of my rights. You believe that you saw Jesus’ head in the mildew around your bathtub? Fine. You think that aliens capable of interstellar space-travel found the atmosphere above Roswell too turbulent to navigate? Sure, more power to you. You actually believe that an administration that can’t avoid one major scandal a week also has the wherewithal and cunning to execute and cover-up something like 9/11? You’re a moran, but whatever.

However, I do get a little catty when someone espouses an idea for political reasons, or when their idiotic belief infringes on my rights, or the rights of others. When their dumbass beliefs do both, well, that’s when I get the red-ass.

Mr. McCain, you’re causing my ass to glow like a lightening bug in June.

I had a great deal of respect for John McCain in the 2000 election. The Bush campaign beat the shit out of him, but he held his ground on issues, and he seemed very honorable. If he had gotten the Republican nomination, I probably would have voted for him.

Now? Well now it seems like McCain is just as opportunistic as the rest of them.

In 2000, he identified Jerry Falwell as one of the “agents of intolerance.” Sounds reasonable to me. But then in 2006, after McCain had time to count up the wing-nuttery vote that Bush received in the elections, he decided to make up with Falwell and court the most intolerant aspects of the right. They may be intolerant, but they can get a brother in the White House.

And now, because of his compulsory support of faith-based sex education that will not, and cannot, endorse ANY contraceptive device, McCain’s not sure if condoms help prevent the spread of HIV. Yeah, you heard me right. McCain’s “stumped,” and that’s his word, on whether or not condoms can help prevent the spread of the AIDS virus. Not only is that completely fucking stupid, it’s also amazingly dangerous. You don’t think that’s dangerous? Hmm, let’s just ask South Africa how dangerous they think it is.mccainandsatan

You see, since the religious right believes that teaching kids about practical sex education actually encourages them to have sex all willy-nilly, they flat-out refuse to allow state funded schools to even tell kids about contraceptives. Public schools are only allowed to teach abstinence-based sex education, because you know, kids will stop playing with each other if we tell them to. And since McCain has his lips planted firmly on the ass of the religious right, he can’t say that condoms prevent the spread of HIV and risk offending their oh-so delicate sensibilities. He has to feign that he doesn’t know.

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3 thoughts on “McCain’s a Dumbass

  1. This makes me angry. This is what I want to say to the Religious Right:

    Hey, religious fascist morons: PEOPLE WILL *ALWAYS* HAVE SEX. That God of yours built it into us, from Adam and Eve onwards. SO. Your teenagers _are going to_ have sex, whether you want them to or not. Would you rather they did it safely, or that they possible contract not just the big bad HIV, but any number of gonorrheas, chlamydias, syphilises, genital warts, and YOUR GOD knows what else. Furthermore, would you want your daughters at the risk of unwanted teen pregnancies? In addition to sex drive, your God also gifted us with brains. Perhaps it’s time to use them?

  2. But, but, their daughters don\’t have sex! They don\’t even know what it is, and even if they do, they\’ll wait till marriage!:roll:

  3. Uhm, yeah, yeah, right, forgot about that part 😛

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