Lightning Rod

mooniniteI have very little patience for folks that are quick to panic, so you imagine how much I hate watching any kind of news show. They’re all about sensationalism and scaring the crap out of viewers. Makes me sick.

Anyway, I thought my readers might like a little perspective on some mortality odds. For instance, do you know how likely you are to be killed in a car accident in a one year period of time? It’s one out of 6,500. Interesting, huh? Guess how likely you are to be murdered in a one year period? One out of 16,500. Oddly enough, that’s the same odds that you’ll die from falling. Here in Texas you have a one in 25,827,165 chance of winning the Lottery.

These are fun, huh? Let’s do another one. Okay, let’s imagine that terrorists were able to destroy one of America’s 40,000 shopping malls per week. What’s the chance of being killed in one of those malls? About one in million. Huh. Well, that’s not very much fun. Those are terrible odds. Let’s try another one.

Alright, I got another one. Let’s pretend that the terrorists were able to pull of an attack the size of 9/11 once every year. Well, Democrats are in charge, so that’s not so hard to imagine. What would be your one year odds of getting killed in one of those attacks? One out of 100,000. Crap in a hat. Those are even worse odds. According to the NSC, you have a better chance of intentionally shooting yourself or suffocating in bed than you do of being killed by terrorists.

Well, your odds of getting hit by lightning in a one year period are one out of 6.2 million, so at least the terrorists have better odds of killing you than Mother Nature.

I have to say that given those odds I completely agree with everything we’ve done in the name of terrorism. Even things like this are okay if it keeps me safe from the terrorists. Now if we could only have a tax that would fund safety measures against me shooting myself in the head.

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5 thoughts on “Lightning Rod

  1. Flood

    I hate it when you do articles like this, because, mostly, I agree with what you are writing. And I really appreciate your sarcasm. But I also detect a slight in your post. Dying in a cataclysmic storm is 1 in 3,878,000 although when living in a democratic state apparently it is a much riskier 1 in 10. Gun murders? 1 in 24,400, although in Texas and the rest of the south there is another amazing jump to 1 in 100. The Global warming threat? Its bad 1 in 1,065,385, but the NSC siad that your risk went up in developed nations where the ozone layer has been ravaged by pollution. The stats for dying of boredom in an English comp class is hella scary. (In the interest of full disclosure: Latin class are about 1 in 6 and martial arts is closer to 1 in 3, although not from boredom).

  2. I had no idea that dying in a Latin class was so common. And dying in a martial arts class…are we talking about accidental death, or….MURDER!

  3. Flood

    The statistics are amazing aren’t they! Sometimes you have to look deeper into the numbers. And if you continuely run into a/my punch is that realy murder?

    And just to clarify in Latin they died of boredom.

  4. That would be suicide, wouldn’t it? Either that, or I am letting you build your confidence before I strike, thus not only defeating you physically, but mentally as well.

  5. Flood

    I just don’t think that you have a good grasp of karma and chi. And you call yourself a jedi!

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