links for 2006-04-08

  • Google released a new version of their chat client “GTalk.” I’ve been using it for quite a while now and its a really nice client. You can hack into it to talk to friends on AIM, ICQ, and several other clients. Download it and add “hypermark” and IM me.
  • If you’ve only seen the American version of “The Office” then you’re missing out. Go buy the box set of the UK version. It’s probably the best television show I’ve ever seen. And as much as I like Dwight, old Gareth “knob-end” Keenan is the coolest.
  • Tornadoes hate our freedom, and will do anything to shake our resolve. We must not let the evil Tornadoes frighten us. Freedom is on the march and no terrorist Tornado will stop it.
  • I thought ninjaing was all about garrotes across the neck and knives plunged at an upward angle into the lungs (keeps you from screaming). Who knew ninjas could be philanthropic too? NINJA VANISH!
  • “Our imaginations run wild with detailed and specific threats. We imagine anthrax spread from crop dusters…Or terrorist scuba divers armed with almanacs…we’re envisioning an entire movie plot, without Bruce Willis saving the day. And we’re scared.”
  • Just an idea for anyone who wants to buy me a gift.
  • A clip from the most perfect show ever. Gareth Keenan on the left David Brent on the right.
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