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  • Type in an author’s name and the page generates names of other authors who wrote similarly. It’s kinda neat, but if you type in “John Grisham” Tolkien’s name appears in the list of similar authors. Funny, I never made that connection.
  • The suit “claim[s]…the defendants “were engaged in a ‘movie laundering’ scheme… to obtain the services of talent such as Randy Quaid on economically unfavorable art film terms.” Yeah, because Randy’s career has been a rocket since “Christmas Vacation.
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  1. Chris

    Literature map: they are makin’ that up!!! They just have some kind of electronic bingo ball roller and pull out names at random. John Norman, of Gorean fame, with similiar style of the likes of Plato, Tom Clancy, and Bill Shakespear? I can take a joke, but com’on…..

  2. leigh

    whatever happened to “i’m just glad that i had the opportunity to participate in this artistic film?” and “yeah, the money’s nice, but i do it for the love of acting?” don’t get me wrong, i know that actors have to earn money to put caviar on the tables of their children’s grandchildren, but what happened to doing it for less money, but knowing that it was a great movie? in the same breath, why don’t professional athletes play for pure love of the game? i know that it has become more of a career for them, but some athletes believe that they are worth more that they truly are. and some actors share this same sentiment. i have no problem with people getting paid to entertain and do what they do best, but i wish they would be more appreciative. on a lighter note, if randy quaid wins, he’ll be able to look in the mirror and say “go ahead and buy yourself something real nice.”

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