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2 thoughts on “114263029291981676

  1. Chris

    only in a state that has recurring problems with hogs and the men who jump the fence to fornicate with them, would the District Attorney be quoted saying, “This has never happened before, except for last time”.

  2. leigh

    i would love to see this so called backspin of yours…

    hmmm…should i get mr. belding or the soup nazi to call me for my next birthday…

    on the subject of proving how the universe was born, i haven’t heard any new updates about the flying spaghetti monster in a while…

    as far as the georgia man porking the hog (pun intended), let me reiterate what our fearless leader said “thank god this wasn’t in texas.”

    yeah, even with lone starr in this one, i think we should wait until we can rent it from blockbuster…

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