Students Don’t Listen (Well, Some Of Them)

It’s a good thing I’ve trained in martial arts for several years, because I am not a popular individual today. I seriously wish I had remembered to bring my ninja stars and throwing spikes to work”¦damn, these students are so pissed.

Here’s the thing: I do not understand how someone feels they have the right to get upset if they failed to follow directions. I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time grading their first papers, agonizing over how much feedback to give (too much overwhelms; not enough discourages), and trying my damnedest to provide comments that will actually improve their writing. For those who tried and failed, well, my heart goes out to them, and their downcast eyes affect me more than they know.Shaun

But what can I say to someone who turns in something that is not what I assigned? I hate being the bad guy, but dammit, if they don’t listen in class then there’s not a hell of a lot I can do about their crappy grade.

So pray for me. I may have to fight my way through the parking lot to the Jeep like a survivor of a zombie holocaust. Keep the homefires burning, and if I’m not back by dawn”¦call the President.

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2 thoughts on “Students Don’t Listen (Well, Some Of Them)

  1. CatEyes

    Mark, I have all confidence in you as a teacher! I look up to and admire all English/Literature professors, as I was greatly impressed upon by my English Honors instructor. The first day of class, he strolled in, jumped on a desk and began reciting by memory Walt Whitman’s “Song of Myself.” I was hooked from that day forward and eager to see what adventures awaited each day in his class. He took interest and pride in each of his students and encouraged all of us to “search for the truth”. You’ll find your hitch soon enough and leave lifelong impressions on their young scholar minds.

  2. I sure appreciate your confidence…may I borrow some of it please?

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