Programmers Will Rule The World

But since most of them are poor they can be bought. Which is bad for the rest of the world. The bad thing is that the judiciary committee doesn’t really understand the importance of terms like “source-code” or “decompile.” These are important terms in this conversation.

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2 thoughts on “Programmers Will Rule The World

  1. Tank

    I used to hate meetings like this, but I have since learned that it is far easier to just lie to the auditors. In fact, I have come to suspect that the auditors want to be lied to.

  2. Sadly, nothing that guy said shocked me. Of course you can rig the programs to do what you want, and after you compile the program not many people will be able to find it. I’m not too sure if the room understood that. They kept asking about seeing it in the source code. Well, sure, but on if the source is the same one they actually used in to make the program.

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