Nerds In The Wild

You should really never leave nerds unattended in public. Odds are good we’ll go crazy from the lack of supervision and try to pull off some huge comedic stunt. But because we’re nerds our sense of humor tends to be a little different, and usually we just end up looking like huge asses. Hence, the need to supervise your nerd.

Case in point, this dude on Jeopardy. Let’s watch, shall we?

Okay, that was awkward. Alex tried to roll with it, but no one really laughed. Well, I did, and I’m sure all the nerds watching the program that day laughed, too. Here’s why: nerds love jokes that make semi-obscure references. Oftentimes you might need to do a little homework to find a nerd-joke funny. This clip will probably shine some light on the whole thing:

It’s funny now, isn’t it?

I think nerds, and I happily count myself as one, make jokes like this for a very specific reason: it’s an easy way to find fellow nerds. The people who laugh are automatically compatriots. If there was a nerd in the audience I’d bet diamonds to donuts that after the taping he found the contestant and congratulated him on his nerd-joke. They’re probably still lol’ing about it on Gtalk right now.

Here’s another nerd-joke that was caught on film:

Bravo, my little nerd, bravo! Not only did he get a Napoleon Dynamite quote in at a spelling bee, but he so confused the commentators that they thought he was speaking in some kind of code.

So remember, the next time you hear a joke that you might not get, it might just be that you’re not a big enough nerd.

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One thought on “Nerds In The Wild

  1. Tank

    I think I may have lost all my nerd cred.

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