My First Day: Part I

at workI’ve got my first class as a writing instructor in the bag, baby. I made it through the entire fifty minutes with nary a kick at anyone. Good on me, huh? There I am in my office sporting a ridiculously awesome tie.

All kidding aside, if all the other classes are filled with the same type of students then I won’t have any trouble. They were alert and responsive, and the class practically flew by. I had fun”¦I hope I continue to do so.

Now I’ve got three hours before my next class, which gives me plenty of time to think about all the horrible things that could go wrong. I could slip and fall in front of the students, or I could accidentally stab myself in the eye with my pen, or I could spill water on my crotch–anything could happen.

I’ll post some more later.

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12 thoughts on “My First Day: Part I

  1. Flood

    Congrats. I usually had a lot of fun in the classroom. I share some of the horror/funny stories for later so you won’t have more nightmares.

  2. leigh

    or you could show up for class with a hole in your pants so your undies are there for all your students to see and not realize it until after a class or two…oh and for anyone interested, i picked out the fabulous tie, of course.

  3. At least wait until mid-term before scaring me.

    And yes, my wife picks out clothes for me. Hey, it’s either that, or I continue wearing old concert tshirts.

  4. Flood

    Now if Leigh is going to share my stories. I won’t share anymore!

  5. Well, if you hadn’t said anything no one else would have known.

  6. Wait, I can’t really see the tie well in that picture 🙁 I’m sure it rocks. Congrats on your first class going so well 🙂

  7. Oh, forgot to say, coffee, coke, even Dr. Pepper will make a really impressive stain, spilled on the crotch, as well. Also works well on the chest.

  8. Flood

    I am not ashamed of the story, but maybe I wanted to share it with everybody. I think that I will storm off the set now

  9. Chris

    If flood is storming off the set is this an opportunity to veiw his undies poking out the hole as he exits?

  10. Flood

    Yes, but I require a few bucks for the peep!

  11. leigh

    it’s nothing too exciting…just boxers…

  12. Flood

    1 How do you know?
    2 If you know, where is my money!
    3 How does mark feel about this?

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