links for 2007-10-10

  • “There’s a guy I know, but not well. He’s polite and friendly. He’s average looking. He means well. As far as I can tell, he’s a good citizen. And yet, every time I see him, I want to beat him to death with a shovel and bury him in a shallow grave
  • “The sword was going and I was trying to duck and weave and bob,” he said. “We were absolutely locked in a death struggle to control that sword. I was getting sliced and he was screaming and yelling.”
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One thought on “links for 2007-10-10

  1. Tank

    The Dilbert Blog thing brings me down a little.

    It’s like that Dane Cook joke, that in every group of friends there is one person that no one likes. This is true, and if you don’t know who that person is, then it is YOU.

    The sad thing is, the friend that no one likes often thinks it is someone else that no one likes. Sad.

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