links for 2007-03-13

  • There’s no better accoutrement to robbing and pillaging than a sword. Unless, of course, you’re robbing and pillaging a pharmacy in a town called “Blluebell.” Then you should have a whiffle ball bat, because you are a nerf-herder.
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  1. Anniina says:

    OK, so what you’re saying is since I love in Blue Bell, PA, I can’t take my sword to the pharmacy when I go pillaging???

  2. Hypermark says:

    Okay, you can take one. But don\’t take a long sword, that\’s just silly. Taking anything longer than a court sword in the CVS is overkill.

  3. Anniina says:

    Perhaps just my bare bodkin….

  4. Flood says:

    Anybody want to ask the Mae West question? Is that a samuri sword in you blue jeans, or are you just happy to see me. I could image having problems when they tries to resheath the sword.

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