links for 2006-08-08

  • Kinda takes the piss outta ya, huh? No? Okay, well, howsabout: I wouldn’t give a squirt of piss for one of those things? No? Geez…whatta tough crowd.
  • “Treatment with galantamine, a drug used to treat Alzheimer’s disease, in combination with atropine, protects guinea pigs from lethal doses of the nerve agents sarin and soman and the insecticide parathion, new research shows.” Pretty nifty.
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  1. Flood says:

    I wish that one of these was a venus fly trap or something like that.

  2. Chris says:

    What?? No bidets??? I am highly offended at this seeming prejudice.

  3. Hypermark says:

    A venus fly-trap with an articulating maw would be sweet. It would snap at you if you got too close.

    And bidets are just weird. I just could not figure out how to use one.

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