links for 2006-08-07

  • “People tend to become “independent of reality’.” That’s one way to put it. Another would be that most people are really fuckin’ stupid.
  • “You only need to look at the steroid scandal rocking Major League Baseball to see that Popeye raised a generation that is willing to use performance enhancers. Also, it should be pointed out that Olive Oyl was the first anorexic sex symbol.”
  • The audio is in German with English subtitles, but you need to see this. They take a special key, one that can apparently be obtained at any keyshop, and with a “whap” from a rubber mallet open any lock. The more expensive the lock the easier to open.
  • View the interactive flash demonstration of the ten dimensions. Amazing stuff. (Note: If the imaginary physics of “Back to the Future” or “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” blow your mind, then you probably shouldn’t watch this.)
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