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3 thoughts on “links for 2006-07-26

  1. I met Billy Idol when I was 19… I was at the gym and all of a sudden he sat down opposite me and offered me backstage passes to his concert that night. Great concert. I dunno, I liked him as a blonde. He’s wicked short though, like my height, 5’5″. He seemed like a nice, sweet person.

  2. Flood

    1 Cool Pic, 2 Youtube said that the vid was private and that it had to be sent to you, so if you can, please do, 3 Dude you have a problem, we really were not joking, 4, And what were you saying about the government doing stuff?

  3. I’ll see if I can find another copy of that vid. They added that protection crap after I posted it.

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