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I sat here and typed a whole story and when I went to post it blogger dropped the damn thing. AAARRRRGHHH! Well, I’m not redoing it tonight. You don’t even get the finger blogger…you get the su-fi:

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A Whole Lot of Trouble Just To Bust a Plagiarist

You know, I think plagiarism is horrible, and it really irks me when I hear people talking about downloading papers off the internet. I work my butt off on the papers I write, and I resent people that just copy someone else’s work and pass it off as their own. That being said this little […]

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Evil Strawberry Shortcake Terrorizes Lemon Meringue

I really don’t know why I find smoking dolls so damn funny.

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Do As I Say and Not As I Do

The law that made this possible was personally approved by George Bush Jr. while he was the governor of Texas.* I guess the whole situation is different when it has to do with your dad, and not about publicity, huh Tom? *I hawked that article from the Dallas Morning News so you wouldn’t have to […]

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China Answers Back…And a Carlin Reference. Aren’t I Versatile?

For years we’ve heard about all the atrocities that have occurred in “Red” China. The People’s Daily English Edition has just published an article that exhaustively chronicles the atrocities that have occurred in the U.S. It’s interesting to see a view of our country through the eyes of a foreigner. The rhetorical strategy of demonizing […]

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MGM vs Grokster

Tomorrow, March 29, the Supreme Court will hear MGM vs Grokster. The case will decide the fate of file-sharing services such as Gnutella, Kaaza, Morphues, et al. Anyone who has any interest in the internet will no doubt know what a file-sharing system (P2P) is about, so I won’t waste any time explaining it. I’ve […]

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Ferrari Red?!? Geez…Amazon Sure Has Changed.

Remember when all Amazon sold was books? Well, that day is long gone my friends. WARNING: This link is extremely juvenile, sophomoric, and scatalogical. Click at your own risk, and don’t blame me…Amazon listed it. (I know you’ll click it, so don’t forget to read the user comments about the item. They’re the funniest part.)

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Easter Wrap-Up

I hope everyone had a good holiday weekend. We celebrated Easter with my fiance’s family this year, and had a great time. I hope that everyone had a safe weekend and was able to spend some time with loved ones. We decided to do something fun this year and have an atypical Easter dinner. Baked […]

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If I’ve Said It Once…

If you don’t watch The Daily Show…well you should. Here is Jon’s attack on the media’s feeding frenzy regarding the Schiavo trial. (Just click the play button on the media player in the middle of your screen) My favorite quote from that segment? Pat Robertson saying, “Well I think the Rabbi is exactly right?” and […]

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Wayne comes complete with black painted on “chest hairs”

I threw up in my mouth a little bit after I saw this ebay auction.

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