You’re Going To The Mental Institution

I’m sure you’re still reeling from the awesome majesty of today’s link dump, so I’ll make this quick.

After I wrote my post on “The Break-Up” I read Collin Souter’s article on great break-up movies over at Hollywoodbitchslap, and it brought to mind some terrific movies I’d forgotten about.

Since we’ve all dealt with heartache in one form or another, I feel sure that each of us empathizes with the characters in these movies in our own personal way.

For some reason I feel a kind of kinship with the great Robbie Hart; a brotherhood through hatred if you will. I’m sure that all of us do. Take it away Robbie:

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  1. Anniina says:

    Love that movie, enjoyed your entry, read the article, blogging on the whole shebang right this instant.

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