Things That Make You Go “WTF!!??”

I saw a couple of photos today that made me go “wha!?”

The first one is of Haley Joel Osment. It seems he’s taken to speeding around Cali while drunk and high. He’s gotten into a couple of fender-benders; nothing too serious, and in all likelihood he’ll disappear into a rehab clinic to avoid jail-time.

His antics don’t concern me as much as his appearance. Is it me, or is Osment slowly morphing into Jeff Daniels?

daniels osment

The poor boy looks terrible. If that mug stared back at me from inside the mirror I’d probably drink and smoke dope, too.

As if that picture wasn’t enough, then I saw this one:


I’ll apologize for the swear word in advance, but seriously folks, what the fuck? The world’s in turmoil and the president decides that now is a good time to take a tour of the Harley factory? Hey, shithead, howsabout waiting a measly two years before visiting the local tourist attractions? Perhaps you should be doing something more productive with your time, like something vaguely presidential? Could ya do that, hmmm? And who’s the PR guy who let him put on those doofy-ass sunglasses? Jesus, he looks like Bono’s inbred cousin.

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