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For those of you who don’t know, statistic counters not allow blog owners to view the number of visitors to their blog, they also allow us to see where their readers are coming from. We can see your geographic location, your IP address, length of time you visited, etc, etc.

We can also see what search terms led a reader to the blog. For instance, while visiting my statcounter today I noticed that one person out there found my blog by searching for “utsa and anal sex” on yahoo.

Exactly when did I mention anal sex in conjunction with UTSA and why? You can go here for the link of that post, but really, it’s not that exciting and I’m the one that wrote it.

The thing I find most humorous about this is that when you search for “utsa and anal sex” on Yahoo my blog emerges as the last entry on the fourth page of results.

That person sure was dedicated to finding what he (you know it was a guy) was looking for.

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